November/December - National

CHEF RENE MARQUIS Chef Rene Marquis takes the lead position of President of the ACF National with commitment to reinvigorate the membership base

Chef Rene Marquis, CEC, CCE, CCA, AAC, has embarked on an ambitious journey as the first military chef at the helm of the American Culinary Federation (ACF). His multifaceted vision focuses on revitalizing the organization by bringing back membership, sponsorship, and excitement. First and foremost, Chef Marquis aims to reinvigorate ACF's membership base. He recognizes the importance of inclusivity, reaching out to culinary professionals across the nation, irrespective of their backgrounds. Under his leadership, ACF will engage in targeted outreach campaigns, offering compelling reasons for chefs to become members. Chef Marquis aims to attract a diverse and thriving community of culinary enthusiasts by emphasizing the benefits of networking, professional development, and certification. Additionally, Chef Marquis plans to reestablish

sponsorships by forging strategic partnerships with industry leaders. These collaborations will provide financial support and foster innovation and knowledge-sharing within the culinary world. Chef Marquis envisions ACF as a hub for culinary excellence, where sponsors are proud to be associated with the organization's initiatives. Chef Marquis will introduce dynamic programs, events, and competitions to infuse excitement into ACF. These will showcase the artistry and skills of chefs, inspiring the next generation of culinary talent. By embracing technology, live streaming, and social media, Chef Marquis aims to bring ACF's activities to a wider audience, generating enthusiasm and anticipation. In conclusion, with his leadership, ACF is poised to thrive and continue its mission of promoting culinary excellence in America.


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