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ty groups, actively network and conduct targeted talent sourcing. Once individuals apply or express an interest, the staffing firm will vet the candidate by doing a pre-interview to qualify them before referring the candidate to you. The hiring decision is always yours. You conduct your own interview and determine if the skills and culture fit are right for your organization. You avoid the hassles of job posting, weeding through unqualified resumes, meeting inexperienced candidates and other time wasters related to hiring. Your staffing partner takes care of vetting the candidate, presenting their skill set and experience to you, pre- senting and negotiating the hiring salary/compensation package and managing other employment docu- ments you may require. On average, the cost to work with a staffing partner is 20 to 30% of the candidate’s first year salary. For contingent staffing searches, you only pay a placement fee if you hire the candidate and the individual accepts. Typically, a guarantee is also offered as part of the agreement. Some firms will work out a contract-to-hire period with you and then you can convert the individual to your payroll after

an agreed upon time period - sometimes referred to as “try-before-hire.” For Ex- ecutive Search, retainer agreements are put in place, also with a guarantee and the fee is paid out at periodic intervals. The biggest advantage of us- ing a staffing partne r is what is termed as “sourcing”; where candidates

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working within an industry or specialization can be confidentially reached out to by the recruiter, thus expanding the candidate pool of quality hires. They will explore “passive candidates” by reaching out and letting them know their skills and experience may be a good fit for a client’s opening. Most people are more likely to talk to a recruitment professional about their career path than directly with a competitor in their industry due to confidentiality issues. The ability to identify and communicate with employed talent, who may be hesitant, considering or seeking the next career step, is a differentiator when partnering with a staffing professional firm. These candidates are not on job boards and prefer to work with us in confidence as they grow. There are many variables to look at when selecting a professional staffing firm. It is a very reliable, profes- sional and proven method of hiring, especially when you have confidence in their methods and in your recruiter. The most important thing to remember is the firm will be representing you in one of the most critical aspects of your business — finding leadership and staff who will manage, engage in and expand your business. They will actively prospect the very best candidates and present them to you even when you don’t yet have needs but want to be proactive, providing you with top quality concierge service offer- ings backed by their reputation. They become not only your staffing partner, but an intrinsic asset to you, aligning with your goals and the derivative returns invaluable. About the author: Jeanine Banks, EVP of Lloyd Staffing, is a recognized industry leader with a deep understanding of re- cruitment solutions & innovative strategies for talent acquisition, workforce management and technology services. Lloyd Staffing is a national recruitment and search firm with more than 50 years of proven suc- cess. The firm has specialty practices ranging from accounting and finance to technology to supply chain and more. Jeanine may be reached at or connect with her on LinkedIn.


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