Hospitality News December Edition

1917 Egg brokers tried to raise the price of eggs to 65 cents a dozen. 1919

The National Restaurant Association is an organization established in 1919 and brings together 380,000 businesses in the restaurant business, their suppliers and non-profit organizations related to this industry. In 1919 the Kansas City restaurateurs launched a national organization to represent an industry of 43,000 restaurants. 1920 Prohibition begins in 1920, kicking off a 13-year ban on alcohol sales. Since 1920, RAMW has been proud to be the voice of the metropolitan Washington food service industry and establishments of hospitality ranging from casual eateries to internationally acclaimed fine dining restaurants. Both organizations were founded in 1920. 1927 The growing National Restaurant Association moves its headquarters from Kansas City to Chicago. 1933 Coming from North Carolina to join the NRA staff in DC in 1933, Robert J. Wilson was subsequently appointed business manager of the WRA. There was a rebirth of en- thusiasm as the organization had staffing for the first time. 1935 In 1935 the organization was incorporated. WRA accepted membership applications of restaurants in Virginia and Maryland starting in 1935. 1937 The first convention was held in 1937 at the Mayflower Hotel. 1945 In 1945 the Association started to hold a trade show, the “East-South Show,” which eventually converted from every other year to annual. TO VIEW MORE CLICK HERE


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