Hospitality News December Edition

The proof is in the pizza.

Master Pizzaiolos know that there are certain key ingredients that make a better pizza. From the right dough to the right toppings, your choices make a difference in the outcome. That’s why so many use PizzaMaster ® ovens – the right oven makes a big difference to your cook times, capacity, consistency, and ultimately to your cost to run. Pizzaiolos around the country love PizzaMaster ovens for their versatility, with wide temperature ranges and precision control, capacity, with superior heat retention and consistent bake times, and efficiency, outperforming gas deck ovens on cost to run. • PRECISION COOKING: The ability to adjust top and bottom heating elements allows for precision cooking to create any style of pizza. • QUALITY AND CONSISTENCY: Clay ceramic hearthstones are crafted with a rough surface to provide superior heat transfer, creating crispy crusts without burning. • CAPACITY: The capability to get up to 932°F combined with exceptional recovery heat allows for higher capacity output during peak times. • A MODEL FOR EVERY NEED: The largest electric deck oven range in the world with 85 different sizes and over 1,500 combinations. • RETURN ON INVESTMENT: PizzaMaster ovens are very well insulated for efficient energy use, resulting in low operating costs.

A wide variety of options are available to fit any footprint, so we’ve got a PizzaMaster for you. Contact us to try one and you’ll see that the proof is in the pizza.

For questions or sales inquiries contact or call (800) 967-6762 . Or to find out more about the wide variety of available PizzaMaster ovens, visit our website:

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