Hospitality News December Edition

ior towards more digital habits: ordering food from their phone, online shopping, online banking, online meetings, etc. This means that the behavior of guests has changed as well. The hospitality sector has re- bounded in pockets. Corporate Travel has not bounced back to pre-pandemic levels, but leisure seems to have bounced back stronger than pre-pandemic. Consumer behavior has changed due to covid. The digital Journey cannot be a perk anymore and is a must to have. Consumers are expecting digital services every- where, which includes hotels and restaurants. What other innovative products are in the pipeline for the company, and what areas do you want to target? We cannot disclose everything, but I would add that AI and ML are on their way to making the consumer journey more accessible and seamless. Outside of that, I’ll just say we’re taking a holistic approach to the guest journey. So there’s a lot more to come from Aavgo. Mrunal, how is a day in your life? Believe it or not, I spend much of my day focused on how we can continually improve customer satis- faction through technology. As I’ve shared, much of my career has been in technology, and I believe that technology should and can be used to make individual’s lives easier.


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