September/October 2022 Edition



I n this month’s white paper, International Food and Beverage Technology Association (IFBTA) Director of Research & Education, Michael Kasavana, discussed the increasing ways restaurants are becoming ‘phygital.’ In his executive summary, he states:

the sales transaction. The recent success of order ahead curbside pickup and delivery services attests to the fact that customers are comfortable using a variety of tools (kiosks, smart phones, tablets, or websites) to support menu review, order placement, settlement, and loyalty program interactions.

“The term ‘phygital’ is created by a blending of the words physical and digital to create a unique phrase. Phygital (pronounced

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phy·gi·tal) is a direct outgrowth of the recent pandemic as a large proportion of restaurants start applying the term to adjust strategies that enable digital processing to achieve tasks that had previously been accomplished in-person. In other words, phygital is a seamless integration of physical and digital functionality leading to a consistent and enhanced customer experience, regardless of channel or touchpoint. For example, consider a restaurant guest placing a meal order via a self-service lobby kiosk. In this case the kiosk, a physical device, presents digital text and graphics to complete

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