September/October 2022 Edition

innovation is critical for plant-based categories to continue to earn a larger share of the market. Getting more consumers to eat plant-based foods more often requires improved taste and texture to compete with

variety. The fastest growing plant-based meat products in 2021 were meatballs, chicken nuggets, tenders and cutlets, and deli slices. In fact, plant- based chicken was a growth leader in 2021 as more

animal products, more product diversity, and greater affordability and accessibility.” Not surprisingly the success of oat, almond, soy drinks, etc. has laid the foundation for rapid growth in other plant-based categories like ready-to-drink beverages, plant- based creamers, yogurts, cheese, ice cream, and frozen desserts. The numbers show that consumers are happy to step out of the box when it comes to the milk we drink. While animal-based milk sales dropped 2% in 2021, plant- based milk dollar sales climbed, contributing to $105 million in growth while animal-based milk’s decline equated to a loss of $264 million. Currently 42% of households buy plant-based milk, and 76% of buyers purchased it multiple times in 2021.

products that match the taste, texture, and appearance of animal-based chicken hit retail shelves. While plant-based seafood options are on the rise, there is still significant opportunity in this category. Plant-based seafood accounts for just one percent of the plant-based meat market, compared to conventional seafood comprising a fifth of total meat and seafood sales. Like plant-based milks and meats, plant-based egg products also experienced rapid growth in 2021. In the past three years, plant-based egg dollar sales have grown more than 1000 percent. With conventional egg dollar sales on the decline, plant-based eggs are another

“ The potential impact of these initiatives extends far beyond the store shelf: By taking consumer concerns to heart, the industry is actively embracing its role as a key driver of change that moves us closer to a secure and sustainable food system. ” — Julie Emitt Senior Director Marketplace Development PBFA

clear winner.

PLANT-BASED MEAT LAPS A RECORD YEAR … AND DON’T FORGET THE EGGS Plant-based meat options are nothing new, but they have gotten significantly more delicious and practical for the average consumer, and the numbers back that up. After record growth in previous years, 2021 plant-based meat dollar sales remain strong. The unit comparison between plant-based and conventional meat is striking: while conventional meat unit sales have grown 8% in the past three years, plant-based meat unit sales have outpaced that more than six times, growing 50% during the same period. More households purchased plant-based meat in 2021 than in the previous year, and 64% percent of buyers purchased plant-based meat more than once throughout the year. Burgers led this savory category as the top-selling plant-based meat product. At the same time, the industry is responding to consumer desire for more

MEET YOUR CUSTOMERS With the rapid scale-up of the plant-based industry, these products may soon be able to compete with














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