September/October 2022 Edition

spills and stains from touching their clothes. Across the hospitality industry, employers will often require that their employees wear non-slip shoes to keep from slipping and falling, preventing all sorts of costly accidents. STAYING FOCUSED Uniforms are often a good way to keep your employees focused on the task at hand. It is a physical reminder that they are at work, and keeps them in the right frame of mind. And when your employees are in the right frame of mind, your customers will notice. Uniforms are an all-around great way to improve your business’s customer service. Overall, uniforms go a long way to help your business stand out in the crowd. They bring your team together, and your customers will have a more positive outlook on your brand. Now the question is what uniform works for you, and what are your options for quality uniforms? THE RIGHT UNIFORM FOR YOUR BUSINESS Professional uniforms show that your business cares about its image. So what options are available to you? Embroidered Workwear You can easily make your uniforms more personal by ordering embroidered workwear. Plenty of businesses that offer custom embroidery, so your uniforms feel personal. With the right embroidery, your uniforms will stand out, and customers will remember your business. Whether you need button-ups, t-shirts, or scrubs, you can show off your business’s name or logo.

Work Uniforms Sometimes hospitality businesses need a full uniform. Chefs need a shirt and apron, hotel staff needs a shirt and pants, and themed locations need a whole ensemble for their employees. Even if your business doesn’t require a full employee uniform, an ensemble makes your business look more professional. Uniforms help customers take your services more seriously and view your employees in the same professional light. It is also important to consider how the right color pairing will make your brand easily identifiable. Uniform Shirts For a more laid-back work environment without too much fuss uniform shirts are the perfect option. The laid-back uniform can help customers feel like your employees are more approachable and that your services are more accommodating. Even when your employees don’t have a complete uniform, a wardrobe requirement still makes your team members feel unified. MAIN TAKEAWAYS An employee uniform could greatly affect whether your business successfully presents itself to customers. Uniformity sends a message about your business and makes your employees more confident in their skills. When your employees are confident in your brand and its services, your customers will notice the commitment, and your business reaps the benefits. Customer service is vital in the hospitality industry, and uniforms can influence how customers feel about your products or services. If you want to elevate the customer experience regarding your business, you should consider implementing a uniform for your employees. n


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