September/October 2022 Edition

chili bar A Tureen of your choice of chili served with bread hunks, red onion, shredded cheddar, tortilla strips, and sour cream on the side. Serves 10-15. mac Bar A Tureen of Classic Mac served with an assortment of toppings on the side. Serves 10-15. Sides Add chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal raisin cookies, and fudge brownies to your group meal. Served assorted or individually. Choose from a variety of Miss Vickie’s Chips to add to your order. Beverages Choose from an assortment of bottled beverages or group sized Craft Beverages.

Choose a Tureen for all to share or a Four Pack for variety. Add extra XL’s to either option for even more variety. Served with bread hunks. Serves 10-15. sandwich trays Choose from a variety of sandwiches with high quality meats, vegetables and garnishes. Serves 10-12. group saladS All salads are built with fresh greens and veggies, proteins, cheese and toppings with dressing served on the side. Serves 10-15.

y korean chile sauce ein 18g) ted vegetable broth, roasted chickpeas, s, lively greens, fiery broccoli, rooms, pickled carrots, lemon al 440, protein 10g)

N BOWLS wlrito

ncient grains, chicken, lively greens, corn & black ckled red onion, pico de gallo, squeeze of lime, eño ranch dressing (cal 580, protein 21g) ean chickpea hicken, roasted chickpeas, lively greens, tomatoes, ts, feta, hummus, squeeze of lemon, tzatziki sauce ein 30g) cken ncient grains, chicken, lively greens, gorgonzola, ts, pickled red onion, smokey buffalo ranch, ado (cal 485, protein 23g) d your own bowL

healthy and flavorful can go hand in hand

Your choice of grains, lively greens and/or broth base, protein, veggies, toppings and house-made sauces, served in a bowl

order online Between your care and our feel good food, the community will get even stronger. WOW orks has several thriving brands that offer: delivery catering Download our mobiLe app

*Available online only.

order at or zoup! app

*menu offerings vary by location

Learn more about our brands at or contact Jim Schwandt: • Fast, healthy meals • Choices that fit today’s healthy eating trends • Incredible variety - salads, smoothies, Mediterranean, southwestern, vegan and vegetarian-friendly • Low buildout cost to revenue percentage • Footprints starting at 180 square feet




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