September/October 2022 Edition

ON THE INSIDE 8 10 Hospitality College Hosted “Welcome BBQ” What Gen Z Wants Lets Get ‘Phygital’


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Salmonella & Eggs Perseverence Striving For Work - Life Balance COFFEE HOUSE: Sustainable Waste Management One Cup of Coffee at a Time


COMPANY SPOTLIGHT: Bringing The Harlem Community Together

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AHF 2022 Annual Conference AWARD WINNERS in Their Own Words

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Most Innovative Product

Plant-Based Foods: $74 Billion Meet The New Food Leaders In A Changing Market



Skopos Hospitality’s Growing NJ Empire

Follow Your Heart 42

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Hospitality Students Gained Valuable Experience During Summer

Hispanic Restaurant Association Announces Key Dates

The Importance of Uniforms in the Hospitality Industry 48

CLASSROOM COURSE: How Today’s Managers Should Handle the Needs Of Their Organizations

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Getting to Know Your Local Philadelphia-South Jersey Chapter of AHF Service & Product Directory Employment Opportunities Upcoming Events Battle of the Pastries NYC Hospitality Alliance Celebrated its 10th Anniversary ACF Long Island Chapter Hosts September Member Meeting HANYC Kicks Off Fall 2022 with an End of Summer Celebration


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