How “BCB” Can Help You Achieve and Maintain an “A” Grade: Comprehensive mock inspections by former DOHMH inspectors Full inspection reports with corrective action plans • Review history to ensure that violations are corrected and not repeated • Design food safety programs that incorporate regulatory requirements into your food safety culture • Protect you from unnecessary violations , poor grades and high fines • Provide tools for management and staff accountability • Preparing and submitting HACCP Plans

• Representation at Office of Administrative Tribunal • Opening assistance including pre-permit walk-through

• Monthly services to ensure that you achieve and maintain an A Grade • Comprehensive mock inspections by former DOHMH inspectors • Monitor new regulations and assist with implementation and training for staff and managers as needed • Individualized policies and procedures • Review fire and building code compliancy The interesting story as to the origin of “Better Call Beth” For years we watched the restaurant industry have very few options when it came to consulting services . Consultants who were ex enforcement , ex construction workers and terminated food inspectors provided services that were not really helping solve the challenges that restaurants faced with food safety . Consultants would come in, leave, write a report and send a bill, while never resolving the root problems or making the changes in culture. I was at my attorneys, Helbraun and Levey , complaining about this , and their answer was “we need to let the industry know that they had better call beth !!”

July/August P 55

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