A Journey of Dedication in the Hospitality Industry I have worked with At Your Service Staffing or AYS, a northeast front-of-the-house hospitality staffing provider, for 25 years. I truly love this industry and what I do professionally on a day- to-day basis, it is what I am genuinely dedicated to.

rence, an award is presented to a Supplier, the Bob Pacifico Above and Beyond Award: The Pacifico Award is given to a deserving Supplier Member in recognition of extended, exemplary, and dedicated service to the Society, their community, and the Workplace Hospitality and Amenities industry. The Bob Pacifico Award is announced at the SHFM National Conference. The recipients do not know that they are receiving this award until their name is announced. It is a true surprise that is voted upon by the previous award winners. I was fortunate to be the recipient of this award at the SHFM National Conference in Denver. What made receiving this award even more special was that Mark Casaburi the CEO and Founder of AYS secretly flew my parents in Denver, with me as I received this prestigious recognition. As I was receiving this award, and then to my surprise, see my parents there, was truly the best of both worlds. It was my SHFM family and my actual family there in one room all together to see me receive this award. A true full circle moment! Receiving this award, and knowing that it was voted on, by my peers from the supplier community was beyond words, and meant so much to me that it brought me to tears. It demonstrated that my dedication to SHFM and our industry was seen.

However, I knew from the moment that I attended my first SHFM (The Society for Hospitality and Food Service Management) event at the Critical Issues Conference in 2014 at Citifield, that I had found another way to be involved, network and impact our industry. Over the course of the last decade, I have been fortunate to meet amazing individuals and partners through SHFM who have not only become professional contacts, collaborators and mentors but also friends. Leaning in and getting involved with SHFM was a very easy process, I simply raised my hand and I was fortunate to start with the place that is the heart of our association- The SHFM Foundation. I was blessed to eventually graduate from Foundation Volunteer to Foundation Board Member to Chair of the Foundation. During that time I witnessed the SHFM Foundation’s impact on our mission of keeping the pipeline of our industry full by providing programming and introducing populations, such as the Military and Students, to SHFM. Aside from my purpose-driven journey on the SHFM Foundation, at each SHFM National Confe-



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