IF YOU ARE GOING TO JUDGE PEOPLE, DEFAULT TOWARDS THE POSITIVE Marilyn Sherman is a sought after speaker, with a successful track record specifically in food service sector of buisness

Have you ever passed judgement on someone and found out later you were completely wrong? It's human nature to pass judgement on people without knowing them. What makes it worse is most people pass judgement to the negative. Today's Front-Row Friday video is an example of a woman who passed judgement on an ex-NBA player and went on a sports call-in radio show and told the story. She had just driven through a Wendy's for lunch and Junior Bridgeman who used to play in the NBA, was the one at the window taking her money and giving her her order. She judged him (negatively) incorrectly and indignantly took the judgement further claiming how sad it was that these highly paid athletes squander all their money and now have to lower themselves to work in fast-food. The host of the radio show immediately corrected her. Junior Bridgeman not only works at that restaurant but he owns that restaurant. In fact, he owns 263 Wendy's and 123 Chili's restaurants! What she could have done was withheld judgement until she gathered more information. "Hey! Fancy seeing you here! What brings you to our neighborhood and this restaurant? What a nice surprise." Next time you are tempted to pass judgement, gather more information first. If you can't gather more info, then simply default to the positive and not the negative. Give that a try on this Front-Row Friday! Enjoy today’s video and I’ll see you in the Front-Row.

Your Head Usher, Marilyn

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