March/April 2023


A n article in the February 3, 2023 Washington Post relays that “nearly 2 million hospitality and leisure jobs remain unfilled due to a deep, profound shift in the labor market.” It cites those roles that have become hardest to fill (casino dealers, secu - rity guards, waitstaff, bartenders and housekeepers) especially in hospitality hotspots such as Las Vegas and other vacation hubs. The lack of workers initially impacted workload, morale, and decreased customer satisfaction. Employ- ers immediately shifted to reassigning current em- ployees, training and mentoring new employees and re-building culture and brand. Here’s a few tips to step up your game for creative recruitment and some proven proactive strategies to attract, retain, and develop your workforce: Offer Competitive Compensation and Benefits Packages This includes offering a competitive wage, paid time off, health insurance, and other benefits that employees value.

Career Development Opportunities Invest in training and development programs that help employees build new skills and advance their career. Improve Working Conditions Consider your talent ecosystem and how it engages with the team. New offerings might include flexible schedules, safer and more comfortable working en- vironments, enhanced employee break rooms and a focus on mental wellness and life balance to prevent burnout. Employee Recognition and Engagement Implement employee recognition programs and encourage employee engagement through regular communication and feedback. Cash referral bonuses, reward perks such as online gift cards, technology devices and celebrate milestones.



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