March/April 2023

Supplier Square Bob Kloeckner

SHFM is kicking off a new feature in our newsletter, the Supplier Square. We want to showcase the talent and knowledge of our supplier community. Our first feature is our current Industry Advisory Board (IAB) Chair and Senior Supplier on the SHFM Board of Directors, Bob Kloeckner with Vivreau. As our IAB Chair, what message would you like to give to our Supplier community about SHFM and the benefits of SHFM? There are many organizations and associations in the realm of the food and

Bob Kloecknwwer

hospitality world that offer great connections, educational content, and the ability to present your organization’s value proposition to prospective clients, but NONE holds a candle to the commitment and quality of interactions that SHFM brings to the table. This is directly related to the quality of our membership and their willingness to help connect each other in meaningful ways. A lot of members asked about the IAB and how to get nominated for the Industry Advisory Board, what advice would you give them? The Industry Advisory Board is comprised of a nominated group of supplier individuals from our SHFM community that offer a broad spectrum of knowledge and expertise to the larger SHFM community and SHFM Board of Directors. Our purpose is to ensure that our supplier voice is being heard and to provide industry insights to our clients and foodservice contractor membership groups. This is also inclusive of identifying new suppler member partners that have a unique perspective on the foodservice industry that would be of benefit to the SHFM community. Having said that, we only know about you and your organization if you choose to get involved. There are many ways to do so, so please do reach out to myself or the FSA staff to understand the unique opportunities our association offers. Our IAB not only represents our Supplier community but also plans our annual Hunger Games event, what do you say to those who haven’t yet participated in Hunger Games? The Hunger Games is one of the highlights of the SHFM national conference. The Hunger games (think of it as an adult version of a series of obstacle courses) is the BEST opportunity to network with peers and senior leaders alike from supplier, foodservice management, and client SHFM membership groups. The primary purpose of the Hunger Games is to provide a charitable monetary benefit to a vetted and selected local area relief group. We do this by raising funds from our membership to help support hunger relief in the community where our national conference is

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