Hospitality News December Edition

VANESSA RUIZ STUDENT Vanessa Ruiz 12 November, 2022 Hospitality News Questions Q Background history: i.e. where born and raised a bit of family orientation. A Growing up I was a very hyper individual but me and family grew to realize there was truly only one thing that took on my attention, and that happened to be the television show Cake Boss. Coming from a big family out of Arizona it allowed for two things, learning how cater to large amounts of people while loving it and living in a state that is well known for its Mexican food. With that being, cooking and baking ran in my family, from my mother working in a bakery while being a full-time student, to my grandfather owning his own Mexican food restaurant that was an award-winning restau- rant. They just so happened to be my two biggest motivators and inspirations Q What inspired you to endeavor to be a chef? A What inspired me to become a Chef was the fact that baking was always something that I was content, joy- ful and patient while doing and not only that but I knew it could also make me money so it would qualify as a full-time job. Ever since I was in elementary school, I was the student to bring in homemade treats for every celebration, presentation and/or project because it was a way to showcase a talent of mine but also it all came back to the enjoyment of loving to cater to others! Q Do you have any role models or industry Idols you look up to? A Besides my family such as my mother and grandfather, my two biggest role models would definitely be a previous Chef of mine from Arizona, Eugenia Theodosopoulos and the very well-known Cake Boss, Buddy Valastro! Q What would be the ultimate position you’d like to acquire in this industry? A My ultimate dream after gaining more knowledge and years of experience would be to open up my very own bakery! Although I do know that this industry, you truly never stop learning, there is always more to gain but in the end my ultimate position would to me head pastry chef/ owner of a bakery and/or bakery café with many locations, beginning in my home state, Arizona.


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