Hospitality News December Edition

Q Can you see yourself, in the future as a role model to other young women such as yourself? A Totally! That is definitely a goal of mine, to share my story to other young women who aspire to become female pastry chefs. Especially as a Latina, many women are talked down on for working in the kitchen but is be- coming more common and I want every younger woman to know that when you find your passion just take it and run with it. Enjoy the journey but always stay grounded and willing to improve and learn more and more everyday!

Chef Rosie and Dean of Culinary at Monroe U. Frank Constentino and son examine one fo the students entries closely

Nancy Kombert one of ACFLI competitors for Chef of the Year, assessing the results of the competitors efforts

ACFLI Pres Paul Jenson and Dean of culinary Frank Consentino address students at ACFLI Ready set cook competition

Students evaluate the mystery basket and plan out there menu for Judges, while ACFLI Pres. Paul Jenson and Chef Cholo discuss the students’ progress

Mentor, Chef Cholo from the Go Cry IN The Walk in podcast gets his team hyped up for the competition.

ACFLI ready set cook judges from left to right, ?, Alan Ducasse, ACFLI President Paul Jenson, and ?


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