May/June 2023

its Director. The first person to fill the newly-created role, Dinglasan was appointed in August of 2022 by Governor Phil Murphy. Dinglasan formerly served as Executive Director of CUMAC, one of the largest anti- hunger organizations in Passaic County. But we know there is more work to do. In the same way that these issues have converged to make it tougher for those in our community, so, too, has it impacted our soup kitchens. The costs to provide our programs and services – particularly food – have risen dramatically while the numbers we serve continue to rise. We are all faced with daily decisions to try to make the most of a dollar, while knowing that the need within our communities continues to increase at an alarming rate.

Hunger doesn’t take a summer break. This month, please consider lending your support to your community soup kitchen. Volunteer, run a donation drive or find out how you can lend your voice to the fight against hunger. Perhaps, most importantly, consider a financial donation, so that we can continue to make an impact on those who need us. New Jersey’s soup kitchens are leading the way. We are providing a holistic approach to our fight against hunger, particularly in our ability to offer a one-stop resource hub to those seeking aid. We not only provide a meal, we provide our community with the tools they need to thrive. With your help, we can continue to nourish the body, mind and soul while working to drive out hunger and its underlying causes. Thank you for your support! -- END --

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