May/June 2023

Eliminate Refrigeration Disasters Before They Happen. OneEvent Wireless, Cellular

Refrigeration Monitoring with Predictive Analytics:

• Get Advance Notice of Refrigeration Breakdowns

• Prevent Loss of Inventory

• Eliminate Manual Temperature Logging

• Improve Safety & Compliance

• Gain New Peace of Mind

▸ ADVANCE NOTICE OF FAILURE OneEvent’s predictive analytics can detect weeks in advance of possible temperature excursions. Make repairs or adjustments in advance, prevent loss and reduce expensive rush repair charges.

▸ ENHANCED COMPLIANCE OneEvent automatically

▸ IMPROVED PRODUCTIVITY With staff & management stretched thin, OneEvent can provide you with important information in advance to avoid disasters before they happen reducing staff strain and improving productivity.

records freezer and refrigerator temperatures, so staff never need to take manual temperatures again. All data is saved in the cloud for visibility and audit traceability.

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