May/June 2023

Session Wraps Without Wage Theft Bill Passage! After weeks and weeks of hard work, we are pleased to report that the dangerous wage theft bills that were being discussed in the state legislature did not pass before the end of the legislative session. Thanks in large part to YOUR participation in our grassroots campaign and the resolute efforts of our government affairs team we were able to ensure these dangerous bills did not pass. These proposals would’ve wreaked havoc on our industry and set a dangerous precedent when it came to any future wage disputes. If passed, our members would have faced potential personal liens put on them and their businesses, making it impossible to operate

even if the wage theft claim was completely frivolous. The NYS Restaurant Association understood the ramifications these bills would have and that’s why ensuring they did not pass became our number one priority for the end of the legislative year. A full wrap-up of the 2023 legislative session will come next week so please keep an eye out for it. As always, if you have questions please contact our Government Affairs Director Kevin Dugan at

NYSRA Compliance Hotline 833.682.6411

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