May/June 2023

The City of New York under its OneNYC sustainability initiative is has pledged a commitment to divert waste towards its Zero Waste Plan 2030. New York City Businesses generate approximately 4 million tons of trash per year. Only about 25% of that is currently recycled. A hotel can generate as much as three tons of waste per day. Depending on operations and facilities, 50% – 80% that waste can be recycled saving money and resources. We also send 1.5 million tons of food waste to landfill every year producing methane emissions which is a greenhouse gas 25 times more potent than carbon dioxide. Removing organic material from landfills not only benefits the atmosphere, it also presents an opportunity to harness its positive value as a potential clean energy source. Separated correctly, generated NYC recyclables are diligently collected, transported and processed by the private city waste hauling industry. Materials are separated by type and grade and shipped to manufacturers closing the loop on our recycling efforts. Properties of all sizes are required to install and maintain recycling systems in front and back of the house and in all departments. Hotels operating over 150 rooms and F & B outlets of any scale are also required to comply with the new business organics rules and source separate and recycle food waste. DSNY and

DOH inspectors are monitoring compliance and violations are subject to fines. As of August 1, 2016, all NYC businesses have been required to comply with business recycling rules. Establishments are regularly visited and audited by both DSNY and DOH inspectors and subject to violations if programs are not installed correctly or required signage, decals and paperwork are not properly displayed. More information can be found here at DSNY: commercial-recycling-notice-english.pdf Regulations at-a-glance: Recycling must be installed in all areas, departments and outlets. Organics separation must be installed and removed by reputable hauler from all properties over 150 rooms. Trash storage areas must be set up according to code and required signage and decals displayed at all times. All staff must be trained and aware of all regulations pertaining to their duties and waste they generate or transport.

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