May/June 2023

Do you feel disconnected more lately? In our high-tech world, and work from home options, it’s easier than ever to feel disconnected. Today’s Front-Row Friday message is about how you can do three things to build your tribe, your community, and your sense of belonging. 1. Know your values Think about what your true values are, what interests you, what turns you on. When you focus on your values, you can attract other people whose values match yours. They may have a different background, or look different than you, but if you share the same values, then you increase your sense of connectedness. 2. Be authentically you Finding your tribe; 3 ways to increase your sense of belonging Front-Row Marilyn Sherman

As you build trust with others, be willing to be vulnerable and show your authentic self. Ask questions, ask for help, share your struggles as well as your wins. This becomes easier the more you get to know people and establish a safe, trusting connection. 3. Be intentional Your tribe will not grow by itself. Seek out groups in your community. Seek out online forums. Make

a concerted effort to reach out to people and connect. I don’t recommend you come out and ask people “Will you be in my tribe?” That’s awkward, like asking someone to be your mentor (don’t do that). Instead, reach out to people with a question, or an idea, or a comment and see if they are amenable to connecting and have your community grow organically. Connecting with other so important to our mental health. On this Front-Row Friday, I hope that YOU stay connected and grow your community. P.S. I am VERY grateful that you are part of MY community!

Marilyn is a highly sought-after keynote speaker and author who is driven to move her audiences out of their comfort zone and into the life that brings greater fulfillment. Her engaging and fun personality makes Marilyn the perfect choice even for audiences that are often hard to motivate. She does all of this because she loves people and wants to help them develop the skills and mindsets needed to succeed. Click here to view Marilyn’s web site

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