May/June 2023

The Waring Evolution: From the Miracle Mixer to the Revolutionary New Ellipse

line includes light-, medium-, and heavy-duty blenders to serve all facets of the foodservice industry. Waring’s current heavy-duty product line includes the supercharged 3.5 peak HP MX Series Blenders, an extreme-power line that runs at over 30,000 RPM pulse for consistently faster and flawless results. The Raptor® jar design further maximizes blending performance. Additionally, Waring’s CB15 series of blenders has powerful 3.75 peak HP motors for processing large volumes that require long blending times as well as 1-gallon copolyester or stainless steel containers with the option of an easy-pour spigot for quickly dispensing smoothies, soups, and more. Waring continues to be at the forefront of blender technology with its introduction of the new Ellipse™ blending system. This appliance features the Ellipse™ Drive, which attaches to top of the blender jar and powers a dasher to scrape the sides of the jar to push ingredients back into the blender’s blades. This technology means faster, more thorough blending: 10-second smoothies and 15-second smoothie bowls, handling even the toughest- to-blend ingredients. The Drive’s high-torque motor and rechargeable lithium-ion battery team up in a system that can produce over 1,000 smoothies or bowls on a single charge. The Ellipse™ is just the latest step in the evolution of its humble ancestor, the countertop blender. From revolutionizing the preparation of mid-20th-century malt-shop favorites to current-day juice bar smoothies and bowls, Waring has been the leader in blender technology and will continue to innovate with a keen eye on changing habits and consumer trends.

Waring’s roots date back to 1936 when an inventor named Fred Osius approached Fred Waring, a popular entertainer of the 1930s, 40s, and 50s, with his latest invention. Osius was seeking support for a new mixer that would “revolutionize people’s eating habits.” Waring, who had just finished a radio broadcast, was intrigued with the concept of a mixer such as the one Osius described, and he agreed to back the new product, even when the prototype failed to work the first time. Six months and $25,000 later, the prototype still didn’t work. However, Waring’s background as a mechanical engineer kept him enthusiastic, and ultimately, he helped perfect the final product. With his support, the engineering and production problems were solved in time to introduce the new “Miracle Mixer” (as it was then called) at the National Restaurant Show in Chicago in 1937. The Waring Blendor® name was adopted shortly thereafter, and in 1938, the product was officially renamed the Waring Blender.​ The Waring Blender quickly became a fixture in home kitchens, and it also made a legendary appearance in the laboratory. In the 1950s, Dr. Jonas Salk used a Waring blender with an aseptic dispersal container attachment to develop his lifesaving polio vaccine. Fred Waring died in 1984, but his vision for a top-quality blender has lived on as Waring continues to manufacture an innovative line of top-performance blenders for the home and for commercial use. Today, Waring is internationally recognized for its superior blenders, and strives to continually expand and improve its collection with innovative features to serve every segment of the foodservice industry. The company’s product

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