May/June 2023

A world renowned association Today, more than 75 years since its formation, MAFSI has grown from a small start-up to a world renowned association in the

foodservice industry. With a growing membership base of 470+ rep and manufacturer companies, the association represents more than 2,400+ individuals across North America. MAFSI is an outstanding example of the power of the cooperative and voluntary efforts of its members in a rich tradition that shall continue throughout the next century. A big thank you to all of our leaders and past presidents for the success MAFSI enjoys today. Common Questions about Manufacturers’ Reps It seems like a day does not pass at MAFSI Headquarters without a “who, what, why or how question” about the value of outsourced field sales. We concluded that it was essential to develop a general fact sheet on the realities of manufacturers’ represntatives, their value and their role in foodservice distribution. To the right are some of the most common questions and our responses. JOIN

May/June P 61

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