May/June 2023


From satisfying cravings to a buzzworthy delight, Swizzled is the perfect summer treat with their irresistible fusion of ice cream and alcohol. This company is elevating the dessert game with their booze infused product. Swizzled Desserts is a father/daughter owned company that was launched in February of 2023 out of Massapequa NY. Steve and his daughter Karlie run the business together sharing all responsibilities from production, to marketing, and attending trade show events. The idea for the company came after long hard days of work, owner Steve and his friend would joke about owning an ice cream truck. This joke went on for several years. One day Steve’s buddy called and said, “what about a boozy ice cream truck” and with that Steve got to researching companies and believed they could produce a better product then what

was out there. They decided their focus was going to be the flavor of the ice cream and the alcohol would be added fun. Next step was the experimentation phase. Steve and Karlie purchased ice cream machines and began playing around with combinations of flavors in their basement. About a year and a half later they finally felt confident that their product was exactly as they envisioned, and they were ready to launch. Swizzled Desserts offers a wide range of flavors with options for everyone 21 and over such as gluten free, dairy free, and vegan flavors. Karlie explains, “being the owner of an ice cream company I can’t be lactose intolerant and not have any ice cream to enjoy.” The company launched with 10 flavors and will be rotating some flavors with the seasons, and holidays with

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