March/April 2023

The Restaurant Facility Management Association is a member organization whose mission is to equip restaurant facility professionals to advance their careers and organizations.

If you made it to the RMFA show, you couldn’t help but see the NEXTECH exhibit and the many veteran people who manned it. NEXTECH is the largest self performing hvac company in the country.

The International Sanitary Supply Association is dedicated to educating the industry on methods and best products to keep our equipment and people as sqeaky clean and technically proficient as possible. For those who had the opportunity to visit the ISSA shows, you must have experienced an array of products and services that will give an education in sanitation that is robust and complete. Keep an eye out for the next ISSA show. IWt’s one you won’t want to miss. We can thank the ISSA for helping to keep this a cleaner world

March/April P 53

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