May/June 2023

What Americans Look For When Picking A Hotel To Vacation At

When Americans are picking a hotel for vacation, they typically consider several factors based on their preferences and needs. Here are some common factors that Americans often prioritize when choosing a hotel: 1. Location: The hotel’s proximity to attractions, landmarks, beaches, city centers, or specific neighborhoods is often important. Easy access to transportation, dining options, and local amenities may also be a consideration. 2. Price and Value: Americans often consider the affordability and value offered by the hotel. They compare prices, special offers, and discounts to ensure they are getting a reasonable price for the quality and services provided. 3. Reviews and Ratings: Many Americans rely on online reviews and ratings from websites like TripAdvisor, Yelp, or hotel booking platforms to gauge the experiences of previous guests. Positive reviews and high ratings can instill confidence in the hotel’s quality and service. 4. Amenities and Facilities: The availability of desired amenities and facilities can be influential. Common considerations include free Wi-Fi, parking, fitness centers, pools, spa services, on-site restaurants, room service, and business centers.

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