May/June 2023

5. Cleanliness and Safety: Americans generally prioritize cleanliness and safety. They look for hotels that are well-maintained, have good hygiene practices, and provide a secure environment. 6. Room Comfort: The comfort and quality of the hotel rooms are important. Factors like bed quality, room size, cleanliness, soundproofing, and available amenities like a TV, mini- fridge, and comfortable seating can influence their choice. 7. Brand Reputation: Americans often consider the reputation and brand recognition of the hotel chain. They may have loyalty to a particular brand due to past positive experiences or the brand’s reputation for consistent quality. 8. Flexibility and Cancellation Policies: Flexibility in booking terms, cancellation policies, and the ability to make changes or receive refunds are important factors, particularly in uncertain times or when travel plans may be subject to changes. 9. Unique Experiences: Some Americans seek hotels that offer unique experiences or have a distinctive theme, architecture, or historical significance. This can enhance the overall vacation experience and create memorable moments. It’s worth noting that preferences can vary greatly among individuals, and personal priorities may differ. Therefore, it’s important for each traveler to identify their own specific needs and preferences when choosing a hotel for their vacation.

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